Student Online Services: When to Register / Get Your Advisor's Name

When to Register / Get Your Advisor's Name


NOTE: If you have a SID that begins with a letter (such as FSC, PC9, PUY, etc.) you must enter in caps.

NOTE: If your PIN number starts with a zero, please DO NOT type that zero into the PIN field.

First Possible Registration Date:
First Possible Registration Time:
Advisor Phone:
Building / Room:

Note: The time listed after you submit this form is merely the earliest time you can register, not an advising appointment. You may register at any time after the day and time listed.

Use the form above to find your registration time and advisor name.

See the FAQ for complete details on how to use SOS for registration, how to make an appointment with your advisor, etc.

You cannot use Online Registration without your Registration Access Code. Your Registration Access Code (RAC) is not the same as your Inquiry PIN, which is used to get your grades, access your schedule, check your financial aid status, and other services. You must contact your advisor each quarter for your RAC.

For Military Program classes, contact the appropriate education center to schedule an advising appointment.

  • Stone Education Center at Fort Lewis – (253) 964-6567
  • McChord Education Center at McChord Field – (253) 964-6606