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Environmental Science

Department Overview
Career opportunities in Environmental science include teaching, research and technical support. Employment may be found in Federal, state and local government organizations, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, in industries required to monitor their effluent, and in research settings. Pierce College offers classes for science students pursuing a degree in Environmental science and to students who are fulfilling their natural science distribution requirements. The courses that are recommended depend largely on the type of work the student desires. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the student consult with his or her advisor.

Course Listing

Course Listings for Environmental Science
ENVS& 100 - Survey of Env Science (formerly ENVIR 101 - CCN)General ElectivesNatural ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives
ENVS 140 - WESTERN WATER PROBLEMS (FORMERLY ENVIR 140)General ElectivesNatural ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives
ENVS 150 - ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES (FORMERLY ENVIR 150)General ElectivesNatural ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives
ENVS 155 - APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL METHODSGeneral ElectivesNatural Science w/ labGeneral Transferable Electives