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Department Overview
By providing an introduction to teaching, as well as a variety of classroom experiences, the Education department offers students a unique perspective into various educational pathways. This blend of academic and classroom experiences  from preschool to post-secondary  is designed to give future educators a firm foundation to begin a career in education. Career preparation focus areas include the following: Elementary and secondary education: Courses offered within this focus meet the lower division requirements of Washington State fouryear institutions to which the student plans to transfer. Courses offered within this department meet the Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree requirements. Students are encouraged to work closely with a faculty advisor in selecting, planning and completing educational goals. It is also highly recommended that students coordinate with the institution to which they intend to transfer. Early Childhood Education: The Early Childhood Education program offers an associate degree in early childhood education and an Associate of Arts with electives in early childhood education, which is transferable to four-year state and private institutions. Graduates may transfer into a variety of disciplines including elementary education, special education, early childhood education, child psychology, speech pathology, family and consumer science education and social services. Paraeducation: This professional-technical program offers an associate degree in paraeducation, preparing students for employment as valuable members of instructional teams contributing meaningfully to learner-centered activities. Positions include education assistant, guidance specialist, instructional aide, transitional specialist, playground assistant, special education assistant, teacher aide and tutor. Coursework covers the Washington State Competencies and Skill Standards for Paraeducators.

Unique Program Text
Early childhood education program courses are listed under two different subject headings in the eSchedule. For all ECED and ECED& courses, look under early childhood education. For all EDUC and EDUC& courses, look under education.

Course Listing

Course Listings for Education
EDUC& 115 - Child DevelopmentGeneral ElectivesSocial ScienceGeneral Transferable ElectivesPre-College & Prerequisite
EDUC& 130 - Guiding BehaviorGeneral ElectivesPre-College & Prerequisite
EDUC& 136 - School Age Care
EDUC& 150 - Child, Family, and Community
EDUC 190 - EDUCATION PRACTICUMGeneral Transferable Electives
EDUC& 202 - Intro to Education (formerly EDUC 201 - CCN)General Transferable Electives
EDUC& 203 - Exceptional ChildGeneral ElectivesGeneral Transferable ElectivesPre-College & Prerequisite
EDUC& 204 - Intro Inclusive EducationGeneral Transferable Electives