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Department Overview
More than raw numbers and scientific study, economics is the study of human choice. It seeks to understand the established social arrangements for producing and distributing goods and services, and to determine a wise use of limited economic resources to ensure people receive the maximum benefit at the lowest cost.

Careers for graduates are numerous, since their understanding of the economy, in addition to their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, is applicable to a wide range of activities in business and government.

Transfer Possibilities

Students working toward their transfer degree typically take a variety of courses designed to fulfill the general requirements of most four-year colleges and universities. Students intending to transfer to a four-year college for further training in the economics field are encouraged to work closely with their advisor to ensure they meet the requirements of the college they wish to attend after Pierce.

Economics majors

The following courses are recommended for economics majors:
ECON 110: Survey of economics
ECON 201: Microeconomics
ECON 202: Macroeconomics

Course Listing

Course Listings for Economics
ECON 110 - SURVEY OF ECONOMICSGeneral ElectivesSocial ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives
ECON& 201 - Microeconomics (formerly ECON 212 - CCN)General ElectivesSocial ScienceGeneral Transferable ElectivesPre-College & Prerequisite
ECON& 202 - Macroeconomics (formerly ECON 213 - CCN)General ElectivesSocial ScienceGeneral Transferable ElectivesPre-College & Prerequisite