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Department Overview
Sociology is the study of society and human interaction. It deals with human relationships, development in groups, processes of social behavior and social institutions such as the family, religion, and the economy. Courses in sociology are designed to stimulate critical and constructive attitudes toward society, to train persons in sociologically related career fields, and to help students become better prepared to handle the problems of a rapidly changing world. Students planning to transfer as sociology majors should complete AA-DTA degree requirements and must check with transfer institutions regarding specific requirements and transferable credits. The following courses are recommended, although sociology majors should work closely with faculty advisors to plan an overall program of study.

Course Listing

Course Listings for Sociology
SOC& 101 - Intro to Sociology (formerly SOC 110 - CCN)Social ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives
SOC& 201 - Social Problems (formerly SOC 230 - CCN)Social ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives
SOC 211 - FAMILY AND INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPSSocial ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives
SOC 212 - DEATH, DYING AND BEREAVEMENTSocial ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives
SOC 220 - GENDER ROLES IN SOCIETYSocial ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives
SOC 235 - RACE AND ETHNICITYGeneral ElectivesSocial ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives