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Course Listings for Health/Physical Education
NUTR&101 - NutritionGeneral ElectiveNatural ScienceGeneral Transferable ElectivesPre-College & Prerequisite
PE231 - Intermediate Body ConditioningGeneral Elective
PE121 - SpinGeneral Elective
PE125 - Lifestyle FitnessGeneral Elective
PE126 - Core TrainingGeneral Elective
PE131 - Personalized Fitness ProgramGeneral Elective
PE132 - Jogging-WalkingGeneral Elective
PE139 - Yoga - Special TopicsGeneral Elective
PE140 - Total FitnessGeneral Elective
PE153 - Beginning SalsaGeneral Elective
PE158 - Zumba Group ExerciseGeneral Elective
PE159 - Beginning YogaGeneral Elective
PE167 - Court SportsGeneral Elective
PE168 - Indoor SoccerGeneral Elective
PE169 - VolleyballGeneral Elective
PE170 - Introduction to Weight TrainingGeneral Elective
PE190 - Independent Fitness ActivitiesGeneral Elective
PE225 - Intermediate Lifestyle FitnessGeneral Elective
PE232 - Intermediate Jogging-WalkingGeneral Elective
PE253 - Advanced SalsaGeneral ElectivePre-College & Prerequisite
PE259 - Intermediate YogaGeneral Elective
PE268 - Intermediate Indoor SoccerGeneral Elective
PE269 - Intermediate VolleyballGeneral Elective
PE270 - Intermediate Weight TrainingGeneral Elective
PE271 - Intermediate SoccerGeneral Elective
PE191 - Independent Fitness ActivitiesGeneral Elective
PE192 - Independent Fitness ActivitiesGeneral ElectivePre-College & Prerequisite
PE096 - Fitness and Wellness for PCAD
PE097 - Advanced Fitness and Wellness for PCAD
PE160 - Yin YogaGeneral Elective