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Course Listings for Business Information Technology
BTECA116 - Business English IIGeneral ElectivePre-College & Prerequisite
BTECA117 - Business MathematicsGeneral ElectivePre-College & Prerequisite
BTECA250 - Business CommunicationsGeneral ElectivePre-College & Prerequisite
BTECA100 - Business Keyboarding: Key the Alphabet by TouchGeneral Elective
BTECA101 - Business Keyboarding:Key Numrs&Symbols by TouchGeneral Elective
BTECA102 - Keyboard Development & Basic Bus Doc Formatting IGeneral Elective
BTECA103 - Keyboard Development & Basic Bus Doc Formatting IIGeneral Elective
BTECA104 - Keyboard Development & Adv Bus Doc Formatting IIIGeneral Elective
BTECA105 - Keyboard Development & Adv Bus Doc Formatting IVGeneral Elective
BTECA160 - Business Document Formatting: BasicGeneral ElectivePre-College & Prerequisite
BTECA161 - Business Document Formatting: AdvancedGeneral ElectivePre-College & Prerequisite
BTECA136 - Ten-Key MasteryGeneral Elective
BTECA145 - Records ManagementGeneral Elective
BTECM149 - Introduction to the Medical OfficeGeneral Elective
BTECM150 - Medical Terminology IGeneral Elective
BTECM151 - Medical Terminology IIGeneral ElectivePre-College & Prerequisite
BTECA110 - Microsoft Word: Prepare and Edit DocumentsGeneral Elective
BTECA111 - Microsoft Word: Format Pages and ObjectsGeneral Elective
BTECA112 - Microsoft Word: Print, Tables and CustomizationGeneral Elective
BTECA205 - Office ProceduresGeneral Elective
BTECA121 - Microsoft Excel: Prepare Basic WorksheetsGeneral Elective
BTECA122 - Microsoft Excel: Manage WorkbooksGeneral Elective
BTECA123 - Microsoft Excel: Financial Formulas and ChartsGeneral Elective
BTECA140 - Microsoft Access: Create Tables and RelationshipsGeneral Elective
BTECA141 - Microsoft Access: Create Queries and FormsGeneral Elective
BTECA142 - Microsoft Access: Create Reports and Manage DataGeneral Elective
BTECA130 - Microsoft PowerPoint: Create and Modify a PowerPoint PresentationGeneral Elective
BTECA131 - Microsoft PowerPoint: Visual Elements & ThemesGeneral Elective
BTECA132 - Microsoft PowerPoint: Customize and Share PresentationGeneral Elective
BTECM244 - Medical Office SimulationGeneral ElectivePre-College & Prerequisite
BTECA245 - Cooperative Work Experience IGeneral Elective
BTECA246 - Cooperative Work ExperienceGeneral Elective
BTECM250 - Medical Claims and Insurance ManagementGeneral Elective
BTECM254 - CPT CodingGeneral Elective
BTECM255 - Diagnosis CodingGeneral Elective
BTECM257 - Electronic Health RecordsGeneral Elective
BTECM256 - Advanced Coding and ReimbursementGeneral ElectivePre-College & Prerequisite
BTECA106 - PC Operating System: Exploring and File ManagementGeneral Elective
BTECA107 - PC Operating System: Customizing Windows/Internet BasicsGeneral Elective
BTECA113 - Microsoft Word: Track Changes, Editing and Design
BTECA124 - Microsoft Excel: Manage Tables and Import Data
BTECA180 - Microsoft OutlookGeneral Elective
BTECA247 - Pathway to Career SuccessGeneral Elective