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Technical Writing (formerly ENGL 111 - CCN)

General ElectiveCommunicationsGeneral Transferable ElectivesPre-College & Prerequisite

Course Description
Learn the principles of organizing, developing and expressing technical information. Study rhetorical patterns common to scientific and technical disciplines. Also understand technical writing conventions as they apply to students during their academic careers.

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Credits: 5.0

Lecture: 50
Total: 50
ENGL& 101 with grade of 2.0 or better.

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Class & Syllabi Listing

 Item #  Year Quarter  Instructor Syllabus Additional Files
5554 Spring 2020 Pund, Dan View Syllabus
8567 Spring 2020 Morrison, Craig View Syllabus
K985 Spring 2020 Parsons, Barbara
E985 Spring 2020 Parsons, Barbara
5570 Spring 2020 Mc Clinton, J
2235 Winter 2020 Loan, Jason
5569 Winter 2020 Mc Clinton, J View Syllabus
J985 Winter 2020 Minton, Claudia View Syllabus
D985 Winter 2020 Minton, Claudia View Syllabus
8562 Winter 2020 Morrison, Craig View Syllabus
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