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Biological Anthropology (formerly ANTHR 210-CCN)

Natural ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives

Course Description
The course examines human biological variation taking into account the complex interaction of biology, physiology, environment, and culture. Major topics include evolution, genetics, scientific classification, non-human primates, the fossil record, and modern human variation.

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Contact Hours

Credits: 5.0

Lecture: 50
Total: 50

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Class & Syllabi Listing

 Item #  Year Quarter  Instructor Syllabus Additional Files
4014 Fall 2019 Staff
7824 Fall 2019 Keith, Kathryn
7817 Spring 2019 Keith, Kathryn
4012 Spring 2019 Danner, Karen
7824 Winter 2019 Williams, Shirley
4015 Winter 2019 Danner, Karen View Syllabus
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