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General Chemistry Prep (formerly CHEM 139 - CCN)

General ElectiveNatural ScienceGeneral Transferable Electives

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Designed to introduce the science major student to mathematical and chemical principles needed for a successful experience in their science studies. Includes problem solving, graphs, calculator use, atomic structure, periodic properties, inorganic nomenclature, the mole, balancing equations and stoichiometry.

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Credits: 5.0

Lecture: 50
Total: 50
MATH 098 or placement above MATH 098.

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 Item #  Year Quarter  Instructor Syllabus Additional Files
7050 Spring 2020 Staff
7051 Spring 2020 Staff
3050 Spring 2020 Wood, Ted
5832 Spring 2020 Wood, Ted
7049 Spring 2020 West, Lee
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