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Human Biology: Anatomy & Physiology

General ElectiveNatural ScienceGeneral Transferable ElectivesPre-College & Prerequisite

Course Description
(formerly BIOL 118) A comprehensive study of the human body, its structure, and its function. A non-lab course appropriate for non-science majors or for students beginning study in life sciences.

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Credits: 5.0

Lecture: 50
Total: 50
College level reading, by placement score or successful completion of READ 099

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Class & Syllabi Listing

 Item #  Year Quarter  Instructor Syllabus Additional Files
7020 Spring 2020 Staff
3010 Spring 2020 Staff
3008 Spring 2020 Korpal, Rowena
E915 Spring 2020 Hornung, Janine
E106 Spring 2020 Smith, Arnold
E715 Spring 2020 Morris, Ryan
5825 Spring 2020 May, Ronald
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